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Call us if your refrigerator is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Not making ice?
  • Not cooling in the freezer or refrigerator section?
  • Not dispensing ice or water from the dispenser
  • ​Making a clicking noise?
  • Door not shutting properly?
  • Leaky refrigerator?
  • Freezing food in the refrigerator section?

​When appliances like refrigerators stop working correctly, many people just set out to switch out them. Taking this route can be very expensive, costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but you might not think there is another option. Calling our refrigerator repair in Chicago is precisely the other option you wish for. We will assist get your refrigerator working like new in no time at all and for a fraction of the cost of replacing the high-end appliance. If it’s repairable, we can fix it.

Refrigerator Repair Chicago Services

It happens all too often, you go on vacation and come home to melted popsicles and your refrigerated foods spoiled rotten. It’s alluring to rush out to extend out your credit cards on a brand-new refrigerator or a used one that will eventually break again. We are specialists in the field of refrigerator repair, therefore you can count on us to take care of it right the first time, and at a price, you can afford. The refrigerator is one of the most pricey and necessary appliances in your home. You can live without a washer and dryer, or the dishwasher, but not the refrigerator. While it is always an option to replace it, instead of repairing it; it’s not cost-effective. It is easy to devote two thousand dollars or more replacing your refrigerator, but with our refrigerator repair in Chicago, you can bet your life that you’ll pay only a fraction of that, keeping your really needed appliance in exceptional running condition without cracking your budget.   Your refrigerator is the source of your home’s food source.  When your refrigerator needs proper care repair service you don’t want to call just anybody that’s out there. You want to call a company you can trust, one that will not nickel and dime you, one that you can count will still be in business when your refrigerator needs some extra care. We at Appliance Repair Doctors located in Chicago will always be here to care for your home appliance repair needs. Our skilled, highly trained technicians will diagnose and repair your refrigerator in the fastest, most accurate way possible. Our technicians carry an extensive part selection in their vans, which helps us finish most of our jobs on the spot.

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