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Appliance Repair Services you can depend on!

Appliance Repair Doctor is Chicago’s number one appliance repair service!  Don’t believe it!  Check out all of our satisfied customers in Yelp. We have established ourselves here in the city of Chicago because we believe in giving you the very best professional service you deserve.  Our top quality repair servicemen are trained in the latest technology as well as giving you great customer service.  Appliances are the center of a busy home and when they break down, so does the efficiency of a homes lifestyle.  Appliance repair doctors can diagnose and heal your sick appliances in no time at all.  Don’t get caught hiring a fly by night repair service with no track record.  Our prices are extremely affordable and we normally have all the appliance repair parts available.

Is your washer and dryer not cleaning or drying your clothes like they should?  That can be a real problem and you’ll want the peace of mind knowing that professional technicians are taking care of your precious investment.

OMG the refrigerator is down and my food is about to spoil!  Never fear we’ll get it up and cooling in no time at all.

Never fear the appliance repair doctor is here!

* Same day or next day appliance repair in Chicago

* Certified and licensed appliance repair technicians only!

* We repair all major appliance brands