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Oven Appliance Repair in Chicago

Appliance Repair Doctor saves the day again. This customer was having company over when she realized her oven wasn’t reaching temperature. We found the problem to be a worn-out bake igniter not drawing enough amperage to activate the gas valve. We installed the new bake igniter and tested the oven at 350°. The oven heats up nicely and works great! Another happy customer! Call or text Appliance Repair Doctor 👨🏻‍⚕️ at 312-804-6703 to schedule your oven repair today....

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Appliance Repair in Chicago

This Maytag dryer would take three times as long to dry the clothes. We made some checks and found a clogged vent line. Inside the vent line was a birds ???? nest. We cleaned out the vent line and vacuumed all the lint from inside of the dryer and installed new gas valve coils. We tested the dryer its heating up nicely and working good. Repairs made in Oak Park neighborhood IL 60302. Call or text Appliance Repair Doctor ????????‍⚕️ at 312-804-6703 to schedule your appointment today. Check out our website at:  https://chicagoappliancerepairdr.com


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Finding A Reliable Appliance Repair Service: Dealing with a Malfunctioning Home Appliance

No matter how careful you may be with one or another of your house devices, the time will come when you will have electrical or mechanical problems with one or another of your devices. As a repercussion, it will be important for you to be prepared to acquire support must you ever be in the position of having to handle a malfunctioning house device. As you likely value and comprehend, it can be complicated to find a trusted repair work service to deal with a house appliance on the blink. There...

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