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GE Refrigerator Appliance Repair in Chicago Area

Ge monogram refrigerator repair. This refrigerator was leaking water from the evaporator drip pan located in the fridge section. It had rusted thru and formed a hole in it causing it to leak when the fridge went into a defrost cycle. We removed the old rusty evaporator drip pan and installed the new evaporator drip pan. Problem solved. Another happy customer! For all of your Ge refrigerator repairs in the South Loop neighborhood Chicago IL 60605 call or text Appliance Repair...

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Jenn-air Refrigerator Appliance Repair in Chicago

Today we had a Jenn air refrigerator repair in the Avondale neighborhood in the great city of Chicago. The air damper would make a loud noise when it opened and closed. So we did a diagnostic and discovered a bad air damper assembly system. We quickly and professionally replaced it with a new air damper assy. The fridge is working and cooling great! Another happy customer! Call or text Appliance Repair Doctor ????????‍⚕️ at 312-804-6703 to schedule your appointment today. ...

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GE Refrigerator Repair Services in Chicago Area

Today we were over in the Logan Square area to do our first job of the day.  We discovered this GE refrigerator wouldn’t dispense water or ice due to a broken water dispenser assembly. We installed the new housing and dispenser lever. We tested the water and ice cube dispenser both work great! Just in time for the summer ☀️. For all our your Ge refrigerator repairs text or call Appliance Repair Doctor at 312-804-6703 to schedule your appointment today!  Check out our website at...

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair Services in Chicago

Frigidaire refrigerator repair services in Chicago This frigidaire refrigerator has a broken water dispenser lever and unable to dispense water. We installed a new water dispenser lever now it’s good as new! If this happened to your refrigerator call or text Appliance Repair Doctor at 312-804-6703 to have it professionally repaired. Repair service performed in Logan Square, Chicago IL 60647. Check out our website at   ...

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Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Repair Chicago

Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Repair in Chicago Today we dealt with this kitchen aid built in refrigerator that was told to us that it had stopped cooling completely in the Lakeview neighborhood Chicago IL 60657. After a diagnosis I found out that the control board was bad and not allowing the fridge to turn on or cool that way it was designed to. I professionally replaced the control board with a new one and immediately the refrigerator turned on and starting cooling. Another happy customer! If...

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Electrolux Refrigerator Repair Services in Chicago

Today we were involved in an Electrolux side by side refrigerator repair service. This ice maker wouldn’t make ice due to a bad water valve. After being professionally repaired the ice maker is working great! Repair service provided in the Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago, IL 60611. Call or Text Appliance Repair Doctor at 312-804-6703 to all your refrigerator...

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