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GE Refrigerator Appliance Repair Services

Today we worked on an GE refrigerator waterdispenser.  The Appliance repair service today was located over in the Gold Coast neighborhood Chicago, IL 60610.  We spent a small amount of time doing a diagnostic systems check and discovered that water dispenser was not putting out properly.  The water dispenser works great now after being professionally repaired by our professional appliance repair staff. For all or your Ge refrigerator repairs call or text Appliance Repair Doctor at...

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Frigidaire Stove Appliance Repair Services in Chicago

Today we were involved in a Frigidaire stove repair service in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL 60641. When we checked the Frigidaire stove we discovered that the front right burner wasn’t working due to a bad burner valve. So, we installed the new burner valve and tested the burners to make sure they were all working properly.  We were happy to report that all 4 worked good! Are you looking for a professional Chicago Appliance Repair company that has raving fans in YELP and...

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Great Whirlpool Duet Dryer Repair in Chicago

We had a job today that was a Whirlpool duet dryer that was not heating up due to a shorted relay on the control board. We checked it out and installed a brand new control board, then tested the dryer to make sure it was working like new.  The Whirlpool duet dryer works and heats up like new. The Repair services were provided in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, IL 60625. If you’re looking for a top of the line professional Appliance repair service that you can trust check out...

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Maytag Dryer Repair Services Available in Chicago

Today we were dealing with this Maytag dryer that wouldn’t heat up or turn on due to a bad control board. We did a thorough diagnostic and discovered that the control board was bad.  We quickly installed a new control board and tested the Maytag dryer. Once testing was completed the Maytag dryer was heating and working absolutely great! The Repair service were provided in the Ravenswood neighborhood in Chicago, IL 60640. For a quote or house call, Call or Text 312-804-6703 Appliance...

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Chicago Kitchen Aid Stove and Oven Repair Service

Chicago Stove and Oven repair Service Today we had an appliance repair service for a Kitchen Aid built in single oven in the Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago, IL 60611. The Customer enjoyed the convenience of the self clean cycle and mid cycle until the oven stopped working due to a bad tstat. We ran a diagnostic and informed the owner that he didn’t new a new stove oven.  We installed a new tstat at a very affordable price and the oven returned to full functionality. Call Appliance...

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Stove and Oven Repair Service in Chicago

Today we handled a Kitchen Aid stove oven repair service in the Chicago area.  In this case we were dealing with an oven that wouldn’t turn on due to an error code that kept popping up.  We discover that it was caused by a bad cooling fan. So we did began our professional service and installed a brand spanking new high performance cooling fan.  After a while we made sure the fan worked properly by testing it and then we cycled the oven.  After all tests were positive we had a Kitchen...

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